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Who Has Your Back When Traveling? | Podcast

Travel Insurance

We have all run into travel disruptions, if you haven’t, you are either lucky or haven’t traveled enough. Whether that is a delay or cancel, lost luggage, weather, injury, a stolen or broken item, we have all been there, if you travel enough. Now what?

In a situation like this, who has your back? In case your flight gets delayed or canceled are you covered? Do you have a direct line to contact in need of plan B?

Anytime we travel, we are covered with direct access via phone or email to our travel advisor and of course by purchasing travel insurance. Both act as an advocate in case of an emergency, and not just political outright, natural disasters or any situation like that, but small things, like losing luggage, flight delays, injuries, stolen items, etc. No waitlists and always coverage. There is no other way to travel.

In this episode, we talk about advocacy when traveling, real-life nightmares and how you can be best prepared.

Listen to the full episode here:

Travel Insurance airport

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