What Travel Taught Me in 2019


Sometimes slower is better

When I travel, I tend to pack each day with as much as I can. No downtime. However, I have learned from this tendency. “Slowing down allows us to relax, recharge and connect with our experiences on a deeper, more meaningful level”.

Value in domestic destinations

The more we travel, the more we are trying to outdo the last. More exotic. More remote. I am guilty. I tend to forget the magic within our own country. Don’t undermine traveling domestically. From the road trips and hidden gems to all of our national parks, much can be found in our own backyard.

Less is more

Bite-sized trips are becoming the norm as budgets and time off may be slim. Rather than long, extended vacays that stretch out 10 days to 2 weeks, “microcations” are here. Sometimes all you need is a few days to explore a new destination and get your travel fix. As much as you want to save and take on a big trip, long weekend trips have been some of my favorite memories.

You don’t need much to survive

Packing is a tough skill to master. But in 2019 I made it a goal to become a more intentional packer. Pack only what I need and let the rest take care of itself. I quickly realized (my opinion) I overpack often. Pack light and pack with purpose.

Destinations are always changing

Destinations are always changing. The destination to visit in 2019 won’t be the destination to visit in 2020. A destination that was considered extremely dangerous 10 years ago (Egypt) likely isn’t the same now. “Do your research, talk to a professional and leave your preconceived assumptions at the door”.

While 2019 was full of travel, new experiences, and adventure I look forward to taking a dive into personal growth for 2020. Health, focus, and intention. The travel bug is real right now…