Journal Entries


My Delta One Experience

I was fortunate to fly Delta One from MSP (Minneapolis-St.Paul Airport – a Delta hub) to Paris. When you’re comfortable and well-taken care of in Delta One, the hours pass quickly. Everything from the TUMI amenity kit, to the chef-curated meals, the crew/service while flying Delta One is world-class.

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Travel Tips Going Into 2020 | Podcast

Since starting this podcast, we have been fortunate to talk to a number of travel professionals, experts, and leaders in this industry. The answers to our last question in each episode, “what advice would you give to another traveler” can be found here. Take this advice from world travelers into 2020.

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What Travel Taught Me in 2019

I was incredibly lucky to travel as much as I did in 2019. Looking back at the year, I wrote out a few takeaways. Some I learned the hard way, some from peers, some from readings. This type of reflection is the beauty of travel.

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A Letter Everyone Should Read…

This letter is written by Hunter S. Thompson and has had an impact on my perspective and attitude towards ambitions and goals in life. Before my uncle passed with MD he sent me this article via email on a random day.

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Travel Insurance airport

Who Has Your Back When Traveling? | Podcast

We have all run into travel disruptions, if you haven’t, you are either lucky or haven’t traveled enough. Whether that is a delay or cancel, lost luggage, weather, injury, a stolen or broken item, we have all been there, if you travel enough. Now what?
In a situation like this, who has your back?

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Tips From Traveling the World | Podcast

This episode comes directly from the notepad on my iPhone. Over time, I have consolidated any random thoughts on any given moment while on the road. I will write something down that came in handy, from a mistake or a moment in time that was valuable for myself and a future traveler.

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Give Thanks

5 Things (Travel Related) We Are Thankful For

The time of year when November rolls around, we like to reflect on some of the things we are thankful for. As much as we try to practice this year-round, right before the holiday season, when things are about to get busy, and the weather gets cold, we take a step back.

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Preparing for Your First River Cruise

River cruising hit a recent surge in popularity, and it’s easy to understand why: unpack your bags once and enjoy the changing scenery from your balcony. Here are things to know and how to best prepare for your next River Cruise.

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Most Romantic Getaways in the World

No matter the trip, these destinations, and hotels around the world are bound to deliver for you and your significant other. Combining luxury, beauty and romantic touch. For the adventurer, bohemian chic fans, nostalgic travelers, and even glamping addicts, this post has it all.

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Our Beach Guide in Algarve Portugal

The South of Portugal is an underrated, up and coming destination in Europe. The landscapes, culture, beaches and quaint towns are as gorgeous as what you might expect in the French Riviera for a sliver of the cost. Beach hopping is a hobby here.

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Flying with Fiji Airways

Fiji is a destination that I cannot recommend enough, and many fear of getting there is too much travel or expensive. I am here to tell you that it is neither of the above. Getting to Fiji is actually quite easy from most parts of the world on Fiji Airways.

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Traveling Portugal with “Lux Unique”

After winning two years in the World’s Leading Destination, Portugal reinforced its credentials as the country for everyone. With its many hidden wonders, Portugal is, in fact, a little piece of paradise. The most underrated destination we have ever visited. Being one of the cheapest European countries, this destination cannot be missed.

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Our Guide to Monaco

Host to the world’s most popular sporting event, the Grand Prix, Monaco is the most luxurious destination we’ve visited. This country is considered the smallest in the world, depending on the judge (Vatican City). Good things come in small packages.

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