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Our Guide to Sydney’s Beaches

 Year-round Sydneysiders, tourists, and surf junkies find themselves on the renowned shores of Sydney’s beaches. Local surfers catch the high tide, Aussie sun-kissed bronzed bodies decorate the golden sand and tourists rush to the iconic Bondi Beach or the quaint surf town Manly.

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Best Coffee Shops in San Diego, California

From seafood eateries to modern craft bars, San Diego offers up a dynamic restaurant culture made for every style and tastebud. We have selected our favorite restaurants, street food vendors, cafes and more (with the help of a San Diego local) that cater to everyone’s preference.

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Our Beach Guide in Algarve Portugal

The South of Portugal is an underrated, up and coming destination in Europe. The landscapes, culture, beaches and quaint towns are as gorgeous as what you might expect in the French Riviera for a sliver of the cost. Beach hopping is a hobby here.

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Flying with Fiji Airways

Fiji is a destination that I cannot recommend enough, and many fear of getting there is too much travel or expensive. I am here to tell you that it is neither of the above. Getting to Fiji is actually quite easy from most parts of the world on Fiji Airways.

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Traveling Portugal with “Lux Unique”

After winning two years in the World’s Leading Destination, Portugal reinforced its credentials as the country for everyone. With its many hidden wonders, Portugal is, in fact, a little piece of paradise. The most underrated destination we have ever visited. Being one of the cheapest European countries, this destination cannot be missed.

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Our Guide to Monaco

Host to the world’s most popular sporting event, the Grand Prix, Monaco is the most luxurious destination we’ve visited. This country is considered the smallest in the world, depending on the judge (Vatican City). Good things come in small packages.

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