Best Coffee Shops in San Diego, California


San Diego is the classic Californian city with attention to some of the best aesthetics and unique food offerings across the country. This list gives you a good look at our favorite coffee shops with fast casual brunch, donuts and of course amazing roasting capabilities to get your morning started. If you see one we missed, let us know! We are always looking for new options to test out.


My natural self is persuaded by aesthetically pleasing shops and popular back-up, but this shop is made for anyone who likes a good coffee with fast casual food that tastes good and is good FOR you. The charming aesthetic is just a bonus here.

LOCATION: North Park, South Park

ORDER THIS: Iced Vanilla Bean Latte, Veggie Bagel Sandwich OR Cinnamon Crunch Toast (menu changes seasonally)



One of the best shops with finely roasted coffee in San Diego. Holsem pays close attention to its roasting, with a nod towards the next generation of brewing and preparation with wholesome ingredients and a focus on what’s next.

LOCATION: North Park

ORDER THIS: Your go to coffee order



Photo from Local Wanderer

Coffee & Tea Collective is all about aesthetic and its merchandise follows suit. The food, coffee and tea options are unique and fun with some of the best tastes in town. The East Village location is also partnered with Juice Saves for an additional option to kickstart your morning.

LOCATION: North Park, East Village

ORDER THIS: Batch Brew (changes seasonally, has some unique flavors mixed in its brew) and Avocado Toast



Photo from Venue Report

Moniker General is a hybrid of home goods and culinary wisdom, and it tops the charts in both of its categories. What’s better than a place to grab a morning cocktail or coffee AND shop? It can’t be named.

LOCATION: Liberty Station

ORDER THIS: Jack of All Trades toast and your go to coffee order



Photo from Venue Report

Although this one isn’t located in the most frequented parts of San Diego, it is still a favorite on our list. Mostly because of its incredible aesthetic and laid back atmosphere, its also close to Mission Beach, so if your day entails a stop there, this would be a great way to start it.

LOCATION: Crown Point

ORDER THIS: Salted Honey and Breakfast Sandwich



James Coffee Co. is a classic coffee joint with unique roasting in house at its flagship shop. And its not just a coffee shop. Think of it as a place to go and get all the shit you need to get done. There’s a barber shop and salon, card shop, home goods, supply store and more.

LOCATION: Little Italy, Downtown, Bankers Hill

ORDER THIS: Your go to coffee drink



Photo from The Daily Cupp

Now this reco strays away from the norm, S3 offers up some of the coolest and most unique coffee beverages around. One downside of this place is its location in a strip mall.

LOCATION: Mission Valley (just East of that)

ORDER THIS: Avocado Toast (some of the best reviewed toast in SD) and if its the weekend, the Rainbow Latte is a must. Or if you’re lucky, they might even have their 24k Cappuccino available which, yes, has 24k gold.




Another well established roastery in the San Diego area is Dark Horse. This one specializes in not only incredible coffee, but also serves up Vegan donuts and snacks.

LOCATION: Normal Heights, North Park, La Mesa, Golden Hill

ORDER THIS: Vegan donut of the day and your go to coffee order