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We are Ourthing Travel. With a shared passion to travel and create, we decided to build this platform for travelers alike. Driven to explore the world, collectively we offer a depth of knowledge on traveling, working in the industry, and sharing stories on the places we have visited. We hope you enjoy Ourthing. 

If you haven’t been introduced to our social channels, check them out below. We plan to be more active on Youtube, a platform we believe will offer a better look inside our travels and lives (written March 30th, 2020). 

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Hi! Nice to meet you, I’m Madi. I am a 24-year old from small town Minnesota currently residing in Minneapolis. I am working in Advertising strategy while also working as an independent travel specialist. I am passionate about creating things that mean something. The digital world drives our culture and it is my goal to be involved as much as possible. 

Aside from my current career goals, desire for travel has always been in my blood, since I was a little girl the thought of new places stimulated me. After spending half a year overseas, my craving for new places/culture has only gotten stronger. Then Adam came into the picture and fed that craving even more. We share a love for the experience that is outside our comfort zones. We are not sure what is coming next for us, but we have some big goals for our future and are excited to share them with you.



Adam is an an ex-student/athlete at a northern Minnesota college, born and raised in the suburbs of the twin cities (Minneapolis/St.Paul). His family operates a Travel Business in Minnesota, and as the years pass, the more he has been involved.

Adam grew a passion to travel at a young age, the more freedom he was given, the more adventure he tried to consume. While he developed a love for documenting and creating with a degree in marketing, he was driven to be apart of this content heavy world.  He moved into a digital marketing position with Travel Leaders, managing social channels, paid campaigns and business development digitally. Collectively, Adam and his partner Madi have built a platform to share their travel knowledge and experiences with you.