10 Ideas for a Date Night Abroad

Traveling with your SO is the perfect opportunity to have some unique romanticism.  Those times you are wondering what to do, attractions are not always the number one priority. We put together simple dates to consider when abroad that can work in pretty much every destination.


Eiffel Tower – Paris

I can’t think of a destination where you can’t find a magical spot to go do this together. You can make a simple date out of something super cool. From Paris under the Eiffel Tower to a remote beach in Fiji or the beachside cliffs in Sydney, you and your SO can have a romantic evening catching a sunset in incredible places for less than $5. Sounds like a perfect scenario to us. You can make this date unique by packing a full picnic and having dinner outdoors together or make a total setup for photos and evening under the stars.

FUN IDEA: Buy a scent that is unique to the destination


Neighborhood in  France

You can be in just about any destination or this date. Renting a scooter is possible in almost every city and experiencing restaurants and bars on your list is a must-do together. This puts a unique spin on your dinner date together.   Research the best foods in whatever destination you find yourself in and locate them on a map, once you’ve made your choices find a scooter rental and get your ass moving to the food.  This is an awesome way to experience the culture of a city, try their authentic foods and drinks and have a damn good time together.


The only thing you need for this date is pair of running shoes and some motivation. We frequently put off working out when we travel, simply because we are too busy. But we found this to be a super simple way for us to get our workouts in together when we are abroad.  Doing this as a date is a great way to see the place you are in, get a solid workout in while traveling and do something motivating together. Sounds like a win in my book. Find a good spot to take a break and finish the last hour of daylight watching the sun go down.


Adam and I love to eat out, we are constantly in search of the best foods, a region’s authentic dish or any hole in the wall and always enjoy a dinner together. Another thing I am attempting to get Adam to love with me is cooking.  Experiencing food in a new culture is exciting in itself, but being behind the scenes learning what goes into making an authentic meal is an obvious bucket list item.  This date is the perfect way to have a romantic dinner and learn something new together.


This date is obviously only possible in your tropical destination trips but one that should be done by EVERYONE. Take the seriousness out of your travel and go out together for a night at the beach.   There is something about swimming in an ocean at night that is incredibly exhilarating. You truly can’t beat it. Be safe if you decide to do this one, know the currents and dangers of the water where you are. After your night soak, warm up wrapped in blankets under the stars together.   If this isn’t your jam, sneak into your hotel pool after hours for a romantic dip.


Vineyard homestead on the Douro River in Europe

Thousands of destinations around the world specialize in wine and you can find the exclusive vineyards in almost every country.  I am becoming more of a wine gal but it took me a bit to get there. The one thing that got me more interested in different wines is how distinct each vineyard is. Although the same principle, each vineyard has its own breed in its style  and attitude.  Another unique thing about vineyards is the opportunity to stay in a romantic cottage on the homestead. Many of these vineyards offer eco-retreat style accommodation with opportunities for an exclusive dining experience and usually have spa retreat offers and fancy rooms.  This is one to budget for if it interests you, staying at a vineyard is an unparalleled experience if you are interested in something like that. Otherwise visiting a vineyard for a night of wine tasting is a simpler route to take.


Secluded Treehouse, Atlanta  Credit: Airbnb.com

We love the idea of a date night like this, even though it isn’t as simple as some of the others we’ve listed. You can still make this date possible in a lot of different destinations. Airbnb has listed some of the coolest houses in the world and most of these are no more expensive than a decent hotel room for a night.  Whether you are in the jungles of Costa Rica, the Australian Outback or California’s deserts, Airbnb has unique homes in the coolest places all over the world.  Book a night stay at one of these for a romantic getaway together, you won’t regret it. And be sure to book in advance, these unique homes are popular across the globe.

Amethyst Crystal Dome, Bali Credit: Airbnb.com


Malibu Dream Airstream, Malibu Credit: Airbnb.com


Kind of a weird date idea, but a good one in our opinion. Adam and I have talked about getting a tattoo together (not the same one) while traveling. Traveling is our greatest passion so we each thought it’d be meaningful to get one about traveling, while traveling. If this is something you and your SO have talked about, make a fun date night out of it and do it when you’re abroad. It makes for a story and will feel meaningful.


Visiting local markets at any destination is always on our to-do list when traveling to new places. Most of the time we will try and get to a farmer’s market in the morning or grab ingredients in the afternoon for a homemade dinner. But something unique that we found we really enjoy is visiting night markets in cities across the world. These markets are similar to food and wine festivals we have here in Minnesota during the summer months.

These night festivals offer live music, local vendors with handcrafted items, booze booths and amazing food. If you are looking for a laid-back evening with good food, spirits and a fun time that won’t cost a fortune, this is your place to do it. If you lookup “Night Markets near me” wherever you are, you will find one around. Or even look up events going on near you and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to catch a festival.


The most underrated tour activity while abroad. To truly get a taste for the culture and cuisine, there is no better place to experience this than at a intimate cooking class with a local. While in Rome, one of our favorite experiences was the hand-ons cooking class with the sweetest women born and raised in Rome. We were shown how to make homemade noodles, and got to do it ourself at our own station, among others. Paired with wine, this is a must do, significant other or not.

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